IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone. Noise-Canceling, IP54 Review

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone. Noise-Canceling, IP54

  • Motorola PMMN4062 APX Remote Speaker Microphone 3.5mm Jack

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PMMN4062 is a Motorola Original Remote Speaker Mic. The PMMN4062 Speaker Mic Special Features are IMPRES Smart, Intrinsically Safe, Noise Canceling, Emergency Button, 3.5mm accessory port. Has a large head for ease of use when operating with gloves. This microphone also has a number of advanced audio features. It has the same speaker as the APX portable radio and delivers audio that is clearer, more intelligible and up to 50% louder than XTS-series remote speaker microphones. IMPRES audio enables communication between the microphone and radio, optimizing the microphone’s speaker output and microphone sensitivity, resulting in more consistent output across all radio accessorie

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